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Haworth Schools is a quality pre-K through twelfth grade school system nestled in a setting of beautiful trees and grassy, open fields. Our supportive community and dedicated staff continue to make major physical and technological improvements to our buildings and classrooms, which proves our dedication to give students what they deserve. Experienced teachers and community pride are the perfect combination to provide the nurturing educational experience we offer with our small school family. We feel the more you know about our schools, the more impressed you will be.

We invite you to take a look now, and then keep checking in with us from time to time; hopefully you'll notice the changes, the new features, etc. This site will continue to evolve and keep you up-to-date on important school activities and information. Please let us know if you need assistance with utilizing this Website to better serve our community.

Thanks for visiting and come back again, soon!

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2018-2019 School Year Calendar

Haworth Public Schools

2018 – 2019 School Year

Board Approved District Calendar

(Click on school house image above to open pdf file of calendar.)

2019-20 School Year

Board Approved District Calendar

Link to the new 2019-20 School Year Calendar

(Click on “Check this out” above  to open pdf file of new calendar.)

List of upcoming events for April

Please Note:

The Secondary 4th Quarter AR Reading Incentive

Fishing trip is scheduled for May. More details coming soon.

(50% of AR Points are due on April 16th and 100% due on May 1st.)

Thank you for supporting our Reading Programs.

Choir Concert Info

Secondary State Solo Choir Contest

April 18th @ OBU in Shawnee, OK


State Academic Curriculum Contest

is May 3-4 – Oklahoma City

Several of the students listed

below qualified for State. Students who placed

in our three contests/meets are listed below:

Carl Albert State College Meet - March 26, 2019

Haworth HS Placed 2nd overall in Division II

1st Place - Vocabulary - Kasey Alford; 1st Place - Physics - Kasey Alford

1st Place - World Geography - Jaxon Allen; 1st Place - American History - Heather Atterberry

1st Place - Spanish II - Farrell Johnston; 1st Place - Speech Competition - Jared North

1st Place - Chemistry - Ashton Wall; 2nd Place - American Literature - Heather Atterberry

2nd Place - Geometry - Lyndsey Dong; 2nd Place - Business Math - Kenzy Edmondson

2nd Place - American Government - Rachel Istre; 2nd Place - Biology - Spencer Rasmusson

2nd Place - Rebekah Wendt – Grammar; 3rd Place - World History - Jaxon Allen

3rd Place - Algebra II - Emily Farley; 3rd Place - Music Fundamentals - Farrell Johnston

3rd Place - English Literature - Jakob Moore; 4th Place - Journalism - Heather Atterberry 

4th Place - Psychology - Blakely Batson; 4th Place - Algebra I - Madison Dong

4th Place - General Business - Kenzy Edmondson; 4th Place - Computer Science I - Jordan Jones

4th Place - Accounting - Ashton Wall; 5th Place - Physical Science - Lyndsey Dong

5th Place - Computer Science II - Raegan Lockhar; 5th Place - Oklahoma History - Nicole McKinnie; ___________________________________________________________________________

Southeastern Oklahoma State University Meet - March 28, 2019

Haworth HS Placed 5th overall in Division II

1st Place - Earth & Space Science - Kasey Alford; 1st Place - Electronics - Blaken Strawn

1st Place - Accounting - Rebekah Wendt; 1st Place - Math Challenge - Rebekah Wendt 

2nd Place - Geography - Jaxon Allen; 2nd Place - ENG III - Heather Atterberry

2nd Place - General Business - Kenzy Edmondson; 2nd Place - Music Literature - Jared North

3rd Place - Physics - Ashton Wall; 4th Place - Physics - Kasey Alford

4th Place - Art & Figure Drawing - Lexie Clardy; 4th Place - Geometry - Lyndsey Dong

4th Place - French I - Valerie Threadgill; 4th Place - French II - Jaden Whittington 

5th Place - Psychology - Garrett Anderson


Eastern Oklahoma State College Meet - April 2, 2019

Haworth HS Placed 3rd overall in Division II

1st Place - Algebra I - Madison Dong; 1st Place - Physics - Kasey Alford

1st Place - Spelling - Heather Atterberry; 2nd Place - Vocabulary - Kasey Alford

2nd Place - American Literature - Heather Atterberry;

3rd Place - ENG Comp: Short Fiction  - Keeley Shelton; 3rd Place - ENG Comp: Expository - Jared North

3rd Place - Journalism - Jared North; 3rd Place - Trigonometry - Heather Attterberry

4th Place - Forestry - Carson Dollarhide; 4th Place - General Business - Kenzy Edmondson

4th Place - Medical Terminology - Jarret Bates; 5th Place - General Science - Lyndsey Dong

5th Place - Music Theory - Judson Farley


Our state HS Tournament of Champions will be held in El Reno, OK on May 3rd & 4th at the Redlands Community College. Most of the students listed above are STATE Bound. Congratulations to all of the above and to those who also qualified to attend. We will leave early on Friday morning, May 3rd, making a stop in Bricktown for lunch and fun, and then on to EL Reno where we begin taking tests at 4:00 PM. Most students will be finished with testing on Thursday evening, but a few will continue with testing on Saturday morning. After all tests are complete, we will eat lunch in OKC and then head home.  


State Track Meet is May 3-4 – Ok City

Congratulations to all of our State-Bound students and the many

other students who participated and/or placed in all areas!


Click on image above to access regular school board agendas.

Upcoming Regular School Board Meetings:

Monday, April 8, 2019 @ 6:30 p.m.

Past School Board Agendas Click Here

Don't forget to enjoy READING and you can work on Study Island when possible.

District Calendar

Upcoming Events

Contact Information

Haworth Public Schools
300 N Maple St.
Haworth, Oklahoma 74740

Superintendent's and all site building offices - 8:00 a.m. - 4:05 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 2017-18 School Year

Phone: 580-245-1460
Fax: 580-245-2265

Haworth District Announcements


End of Year Countdown

Haworth Summer School

Join Us

in Partnership with Choctaw Nation

is scheduled for

May 20-June 27

If you are looking for a fun, educational,

and safe place for your child to

learn and grow this summer, 

then the Haworth Summer School

is just what you are looking for!

Students, grades K-3 will receive a

free breakfast, lunch and snacks

each day! Also, students will

receive outstanding reading

instruction, writing practice, math

activities, enrichment, and more

from certified teachers.

Local transportation is available.

All students are WELCOME!

For more information, contact the

Haworth Elementary Office at:

(580) 245-1460, ext. 100

Senior Class of 2019 Graduation

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