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Stacey Pollard


Stacey Pollard

Special Education Director

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Contact Info:

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5802451461 EXT 115

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About Me

Educational History:

Graduate of Liberty-Eylau High School in 1983.

Associate of Arts degree from Eastern Oklahoma State College.

Bachelor of Arts degree with option in Sociology & minor in Social Gerontology from Southeastern Oklahoma State University December 2005.

Special Education Boot Camp with Oklahoma State Department of Education July 2015.

Masters of Education from East Central University with option in Special Education July 2017.


Degrees and Certifications:

Teacher Certification:  Elementary Special Education with specialty in Early Childhood Education.

Professional Development:

Special Education First Year Director’s Training November & December 2017.

Current Position:

I began teaching Special Education August 2015 and manage the Elementary Resource Room that provides additional services for all students.  I taught Pre-K during the 2014-2015 school year.

Previous Position:

I began working for Haworth Public School in January 2008.

Since that date I have held numerous positions in the Haworth Public School System.  

Para-professional for Kindergarten, 6th grade and 4th grade, Reading Sufficency Para, Computer Lab Para, and Cafeteria Manager.

I became certified to teach Early Childhood/Elementary in 2014.  I attended Special Education Boot Camp in April 2015 and completed the program July 2015.

Currently certified to teacher Elementary and/or Elementary Special Education, Pre-K through 6th.


Family Information:

I have been married to Neal Pollard since 1985.  We have raised a multitude of kids all of which have attended Haworth Public School.  Our oldest son began school in August 1990, our youngest son graduated in May 2016. As you can infer from this information, we have had children attending Haworth Public School for 26 years.  

I love the fact that I have such a long history with our school.  Many of the elementary students who currently attend are like my grandchildren.  I know their parents and grandparents, and have known many of them all of their lives.  

Pollard Trivia – My husband Neal attended Haworth School all of his life and graduated in 1982.  He is also related to a very large number of students who currently attend.   

Personal Information:


Arts & Crafts, Quilting, & Family.

Spending time with my family, especially the grand children that now total 6 is my favorite past-time.  I have 3 grand daughters and 3 grand sons.