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Secondary Principal Rachael Smith

Picture of Principal Rachael Smith


Welcome to Haworth Middle and High School, Home of the Haworth Lions! It is exciting to join  the Haworth Staff and Community, both strong supporters of students. We want our students to aquire positive, educational experiences and traditions. It’s not about one person or one group, it is about all of us coming together to meet the challenges faced, without unnecessary barriers. I look forward to working with staff, parents/guardians, and community to help provide opportunities and successes for our students as I progress through my first year here at Haworth. We will face challenges, we will have barriers to overcome, but we will be prepared for anything that comes our way. I am eagar to work with everyone as we encourage Haworth students to ready themselves for bright futures.

We will strive to guide students to be leaders in whatever educational endeavors they desire to undertake. Respect, responsibility, hard work, patience, dedication, and empathy will be needed as we assist students to promote toward graduation, where we all work diligently to make ourselves strong academically.

To ensure student successes, the following are a few of our schools’ goals:

Developing a shared vision with a focus on promoting learning and teaching for students, faculty, and staff;

Fostering a community and family environment where all stakeholders feel welcomed and respected;

Ensuring that students obtain the skills necessary as they prepare for life beyond high school;

Creating a positive, safe, and healthy learning culture where every student is treated with respect and dignity;

Building trust among all stakeholders with the understanding that our priority will be meeting the needs of students;

Supporting our faculty, staff, and students in growing professionally and academically;

Providing opportunities for students to become life-long learners.

This year is going to be an exciting journey and we look forward to working with all as Haworth students achieve successes along the way.

Rachael Smith, Secondary Principal

Go Lions!