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The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma              

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         1802 Chukka Hina
         Durant, OK 74702 


         School of Choctaw Language James Parrish Ext. 2250
         Phone: (800) 522-6170

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Mrs. Betty Ward
Choctaw Language Instructor

Choctaw I students will:
 learn basic Choctaw vocabulary
 learn to read and write basic Choctaw
 learn basic Choctaw conversational skills
 learn basic grammar skills

Expectations of the Student:
 Be respectful, considerate, study hard, ask questions, support each other,
complete assignments, and be passionate and enthusiastic about learning a new
Classroom Conduct
o Be respectful and considerate toward other classmates, classroom facilitator
and Choctaw Language teacher;
o Misconduct and cheating will not be tolerated. Any disciplinary actions, if
deemed necessary, will be handled in accordance to the school’s policy by the
school administration.
Class Preparation
o Student must bring to class the following: student workbook, pencil, paper,
folder or notebook with all Choctaw I language reference materials.
o The student is responsible for completing all assignments (oral and written)
in a timely fashion;
o If a student is absent, he/she will be responsible for obtaining a list of missed
assignments from the classroom facilitator. Completed assignments must be
submitted to the classroom facilitator;
Classroom Participation
o Student must participate in the form of responses, asking questions and
commenting on specific topics.
o Teacher will give students 2-3 grades per week;
o Students will receive grades for the following:
 Weekly participation grade
 Lesson, culture, & test review worksheets
 Quiz (to be announced) Chapter Test
 In-Class Activities – Students will receive points, which can be counted toward a chapter test.

Culture Day
Thursdays will be designated as Culture Day for 4-day weekly class sessions. Fridays
will be designated as Culture Day for 5-day weekly class sessions.
I have an open-door policy and will be available for questions throughout the school
year. If you or your parents/guardians should have questions concerning your grades or
classroom work, please ask the facilitator to contact me so that a meeting can be arranged
online. I am available at the School of Choctaw Language during the hours of 8:00 A.M.
to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday. You can contact me at: 580-924-8280, ext. 2270
or you may email me at: 



Dear Students & Parents/Guardians:
Welcome to Choctaw Class! The purpose of this class is to help students acquire
beginning-level comprehension, speaking, reading, writing of Choctaw and to
introduce some aspects of Choctaw culture. Students will acquire Choctaw by
hearing it spoken and used in contexts that are easy to understand. Students
will take active roles in mini-plays, dancing, and other hands-on activities
throughout the year.
Materials (needed every day in class):
1. Binder or Folder
2. Pen
3. Notebook paper
4. Choctaw Workbook (provided by School of Choctaw Language)
Grading: Grades will be taken on quizzes, tests, projects, daily work, and
classroom participation.
Classroom Rules:
1. Be on time for class with necessary materials.
2. Respect self, others, and property:
a. Listen while the instructors are speaking.
b. Use appropriate language.
c. Focus on learning and on helping others learn.
3. Keep cell phones away unless granted permission by Choctaw instructor.
School district policy will be enforced.
This is not your typical class. Not only are you learning another language but
this class is presented IETV. During class, I will try to make it very clear to
you what I want you to do or not do. I encourage you to ask for assistance or
clarification on assignments and lectures. If any discipline issues shall arise,
school discipline policy will be followed.
After we discuss these points and I have answered your questions, please sign
below and have a parent/guardian read and sign. Keep this document in your
Choctaw binder at all times.
Student: _______________________ Parent/guardian: __________________________
Date: _________________ Date: _________________

Teacher contact Information: 580-924-8280 extension 2660

Yakoke micha Chahta kil anumpuli!

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