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Superintendent Jason Price

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Welcome to the Haworth Public Schools Website. We hope you discover a large portion of quality education information and receive a glimpse of our outstanding school.

Here at Haworth Schools we believe in two main concepts that drive education. First, the students are our number one priority. Without our students, there is no school; they are our future and we practice unwavering responsibility to provide them with the best educational experiences possible. Second, the little things are the big things. We believe in a focus that is driven by details. If we are attentive to the small things, momentum will occur and big things will become reality.

Finally, along with these concepts, we realize that a successful school is built on everyone working “Together”. This includes the Board of Education, administration, teachers, staff, parents, students, and community stakeholders. With everyone working “Together”, greatness is a constant.



Jason Price

Jason Price

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