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Autumn Harrison

English I, Eng. III, AP Eng. III Lang. & Comp. Teacher

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Contact Info:

About Me

Educational History:

I graduated from Haworth in 1997. From there, I attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University.  I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Bachelor of General Studies, and a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. I am currently working toward adding another credential to my Master’s degree in Library Media and Technology at Northeastern State University.

Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Business Administration (2002)

Bachelor of General Studies (2011)

Master of Education (2019)

I am certified to teach both business and English, but English keeps me busy.

Professional Development:

APSI - University of Oklahoma (2022)

Debate Centered Instruction - Emporia State University (2022)

APSI – Northeastern State University (2023)

Current Position:

I have been teaching ELA at Haworth since 2020. I teach English I, Pre-AP English I, English III, and AP Language and Composition.  I believe that reading opens doors to places and situations that our students may not get exposure to in our rural part of Southeastern Oklahoma.

I also help coach drama with Mr. McBrayer handling the choir aspects of our annual Christmas play. The play helps students to build self-expression.  So many of our students come alive when they are on that stage.

I am the Poetry Out Loud coordinator so that students will have a better opportunity to be exposed to poetry, master public speaking skills, and gain self-confidence.  Poetry Out Loud is a recitation program, and the school winner gets to compete in the state program.  I’m hoping for a massive turnout in the school competition.  

Family Information:

I have been married to Cameron since 2009. We have one son, Dustin, and a whole crew of cats. Dustin is a middle school student at Haworth.

My husband is also a Haworth graduate, as are our parents, my siblings, and many other relatives.  You could say being a Lion is in our DNA!

Personal Information:

I'm a sports nerd, book junkie, and a trivia show geek.  I love coffee, cats, and hanging out with my family.  We love going to the beach and finding new places to explore.  

Gothic literature is my favorite.  I once served as an Edgar Allan Poe ghost tour guide.  I think that’s been my wildest career path thus far.

I am well-known for my love of drama.  Reading plays out loud in class inspires most of the students to get out of their seats.  Getting up and acting out the words is inspiring. 

I’ve also been known to devour mythology, but Greek mythology is my jam.  I love sharing the stories of the Trojan War, Odysseus and his journey home, and the Theban plays.

I earned 2022-2023 High School Teacher of the Year and I’m extremely proud and incredibly blessed for the honor.

When I’m not reading or teaching, I am the Assistant Scoutmaster for Broken Bow BSA Troop 6338.  If you can’t reach me, I’m probably camping with the Troop.

Autumn Harrison

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