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Ashley , Ashley
Elementary Fine Arts
abryant@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Jateena Allen
Allen, Jateena
Physical Education and MS/HS Basketball Coach
jallen@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Stacy  Bacon
Bacon, Stacy
Kindergarten Teacher
sbacon@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Meghan Bako Bako, Meghan
Computer Science Teacher
mbako@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Jennifer Bishop
Bishop, Jennifer
Pre-K Teacher
jbishop@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Lisa  Black Black, Lisa
Elementary Assistant, Reading, Johnson O'Malley Program
David Boyd
Boyd, David
Secondary Social Studies Teacher
dboyd@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Maria  Boyd Boyd, Maria
Secretary to the Secondary Principal
Candy Brittain Brittain, Candy
School Registrar
Candy  Brittain Brittain, Candy
Administrative Secretary
Caran Brown Brown, Caran
Secondary Custodian
Patty Burns
Burns, Patty
Reading Specialist, English I Teaclier
pburns@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Kathy Campbell
Campbell, Kathy
6th, 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies, Geography,
kacampbell@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Carol Carrell Carrell, Carol
Cafeteria Cook, Custodian
Carol Carrell Carrell, Carol
Secondary Custodian
Sharon Carter Carter, Sharon
Encumbrance Clerk
Ruth Chapman Chapman, Ruth
Secretary to Elementary Principal
Palmer Cindy Cindy, Palmer
4th Grade Teacher
cpalmer@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Kerri  Clampet Clampet, Kerri
Cafeteria Manager
Kerri Clampet Clampet, Kerri
Cafeteria Manager
Stephen  Clardy
Clardy, Stephen
Ag Communications Teacher
sclardy@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Maria  Clark Clark, Maria
Student Council Sponsor
mboyd@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Jennifer Cox
Cox, Jennifer
Spanish I and II, 8th Grade English
jcox@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Lisa Cox Cox, Lisa
English I, 6th Grade English
lcox@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
LuJuana Cox
Cox, LuJuana
3rd Grade Teacher
lujuanacox@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Leslie Dicketts Dicketts, Leslie
Elementary Library Assistant
ldicketts@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Leslie  Dicketts Dicketts, Leslie
Library Assistant, Elementary
Phil Dicketts Dicketts, Phil
Chemistry, Earth Science Teacher/MS & HS Baseball Coach
pdicketts@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Brenda Dollarhide Dollarhide, Brenda
Middle School Secretary
Kathy Draper Draper, Kathy
Payroll/Personnel Specialist
Lorrie Driver
Driver, Lorrie
6th Grade Math, Algebra I, Geometry Teacher
lmckee@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Ruth Ebert Ebert, Ruth
Secondary Counselor
rebert@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Sophie  Edmondson Edmondson, Sophie
Elementary Assistant, PK, Early Childhood
Bonita  England England, Bonita
Instructional Technology Techician
bengland@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Jan Farley
Farley, Jan
7th & 8th Math, Math of Finance Teacher
jfarley@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Cassy Garrett Garrett, Cassy
Business Office Manager
cgarrett@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
John Ginn Ginn, John
Life Science and Biology Teacher
jginn@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Cynthia  Haslam
Haslam, Cynthia
4th Grade Teacher
chaslam@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Agness Jackson Jackson, Agness
Secondary ISS Monitor
Stephanie Jacobs Jacobs, Stephanie
Elementary Compuer Lab Teacher Assistant
sjacobs@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Stephanie Jacobs Jacobs, Stephanie
Paraprofessional, Elem Basketball Coach
sjacobs@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Carolyn John
John, Carolyn
2nd Grade Teacher
cjohn@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Andi Jones
Jones, Andi
Secondary English Teacher
andyjones@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Heather Jones
Jones, Heather
7th English, 6th Science, M.S./H.S. Softball Coach
hjones@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Sheila Kates Kates, Sheila
5th Grade Teacher
skates@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Caccie Leonard
Leonard, Caccie
Second Grade Teacher
cleonard@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Mickey Long Long, Mickey
Kitchen Manager
Chris McBrayer
McBrayer, Chris
Music and Band Teacher
cmcbrayer@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
David McDonald McDonald, David
Art, HS/MS Boys Basketball, PE
dmcdonald@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Shelly McDonald McDonald, Shelly
Kindergarten Teacher
smcdonald@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Carol Milwee
Milwee, Carol
5th Grade Teacher
cmilwee@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Elissa Mobley
Mobley, Elissa
FACS teacher and FCCLA advisor
emobley@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Melinda Moyer Moyer, Melinda
School Nurse, Anatomy, Biology II, & Health
mmoyer@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Tiffani Oney Oney, Tiffani
Secondary Resource Teacher
toney@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Neal Pollard
Pollard, Neal
Transportion Director
npollard@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Stacey Pollard Pollard, Stacey
Resource Teacher, Elementary Special Education
spollard@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Jason Price Price, Jason
jprice@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Cydne Proctor
Proctor, Cydne
Alg. I & II, Geom., Trig. Teacher & MS Basketball Coach
cydneproctor@haworth.k12.ok.usView Website
Kathy Provence Provence, Kathy
Cafeteria Cook, Bus Driver
Lavonna Rasmusson Rasmusson, Lavonna
VISTA Employee
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