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David Boyd


As we begin a new year, I am eager now more than ever to work closely with you and your child to ensure their success. Challenges will undoubtedly present themselves, yet we can overcome them with consistent communication, clear goals, and planning. I look forward to a productive academic endeavor with your child. 


Please do not hesitate to reach out using the contact information and hours below if any assistance is required:

Office Hours: Monday – Thursday, 12:15 – 1:05 PM
Call or Text: 918-612-0588






Local volunteers are accepted and encouraged!

If you have special knowledge in a specific field of study and would like to serve as a volunteer guest speaker for one of my history courses or my drama course, please contact me.


Speakers in the past have included special effects make-up workshops, “Why Drama?” discussion, and tutorials on yearbook editing software. Past activities have included: old-fashioned butter making, ancient seed grinding, the Greek Olympic games, potion making (not what you’d think!), Renaissance art with play-dough, Medieval Architecture with noodles and marshmallows, Buffalo Poop Burning – An Exploration of Plains Culture! etc.


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David Boyd

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