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4th Grade ELA Lesson Plans

August 12-15th 

English/Grammar:  Chapter 1 Sentences 

Monday – Declarative & Interrogative Sentences 

Tuesday – Imperative & Exclamatory Sentences 

Wednesday – Punctuating Four Kinds of Sentences 

Thursday – Extra Practice/Chapter Review 

Spelling: Unit 1 Week 1 Wonders Spelling “The Princess and the Pizza” 

Monday – Receive Spelling List (20 Words) Write 3 times each

Tuesday – 

Wednesday – Skittles Spelling

Thursday – Spelling Test


September 30th – October 3rd


Monday – Review for 9 weeks test (sentences, nouns, vebs, plural nouns, abreviations, proper nouns\

Tuesday – 9 weeks test

Wednesday – singular possessive nouns

Thursday – plural possessive nouns/Spelling Test


October 7th – October 10th 

Monday – Singular and Possive Nouns

Tuesday – Plural Noun or Possesive Noun? 

Wednesday – Pronouns 

Thursday – Pronouns/Spelling Test


October 14th – October 17th

Monday – 3 Different Types of Verbs (Action verbs)

Tuesday – Linking Verbs 

Wednesday – Linking Verbs

Thursday – Helping Verbs/Spelling Test


October 21st – 24th 

Monday – Helping Verbs

Tuesday – Helping Verbs 

Wednesday – Verb Review 

Thurdsay – Verb Types Test/Spelling Test


October 23rd – 26th 

Monday – Contractions 

Tuesday – Contractions 

Wednesday – Contractions 

Thursday – Contractions Test/Spelling Test


November 11th – November 14th 

Monday – Adjectives

Tuesday – Positive/Comparative/Superlative Adjectives of Comparision 

Wednesday – Positive/Comparative/Superlative Adjectives of Comparision 

Thursday – Quiz/Spelling Test 


February 3rd-6th 

English – Affixes (Prefixes and Suffixes) 

February 10th-13th 

Homophones, Homophones

February 17th-20th 

Figuative Language – Similies and Metaphors, Personification 

February 24th-27th 

Figurative Language – Hyperbole, Alliteration 

March 2nd-5th 

Figurative Language – Idiom/9 Weeks Project (Figurative Language Flipbook)