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Allison Burns

Secondary Math Teacher

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(580) 245-1406 x325

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About Me

Educational History:

I graduated Broken Bow High School in 2011.

I received my associates of science in Animal Science from Eastern Oklahoma State College in 2013.

In 2015 received my bachelor of science in Agricultural Business from the Oklahoma State University. 

Professional Development:

Uplifting Classrooms K20 Workshop 20

Current Position:

This is my first year in education! I am excited about my new career and the future of Oklahoma education! My decision to enter into education was NOT taken lightly. After alot of soul searching, I made the decision that I wanted to be a positive influence for the future of our county, state AND country! I feel that I am right for this job! Math was my favorite subject in high school and college! Math is one of those dreaded subjects to some. My hope is that I can teach in a way that students feel positive about there abilities in the classroom.   

Previous Position:

Prior to working for Haworth, I worked in the poultry industry. I worked one on one with growers and was a liaison between the company and growers. I LOVED my job. My love of agriculture will be apparent in my classroom and will use it for examples frequently. I hope that my time with this company will help me with communication and organization in the classroom. 

Family Information:

I will be joining an amazing family this year and marrying a wonderful man, Jarred Campbell. 

I’ve got many pets, but my first love is my boy Curly that I adopted in college. He is a beautiful senior poodle mix!

Personal Information:

I love spending time outdoors! (Riding horses, playing with my animals, helping my dad and fiance)

I have recently picked up quilting, when I have the time.

I love to make homemade cards and brighten peoples day!

Allison Burns

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(580) 245-1406 x325
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