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Elementary Principal Tony Loucks

Welcome to our school!


            We are so glad to have you back with us! If this will be your first time at Haworth Schools, then let me be the first to welcome you! I hope you all had an excellent summer and are as excited as I am about the year to come.

            Here, in the elementary, is where teachers and staff lay the basic foundation upon which our children will build their education, and ultimately their future. We strive to provide our students with every opportunity to succeed in academics, the arts, and athletics. We believe that well rounded students will continue to become contributing members of our school and citizens of their communities. We try to provide our students all of the academic skills necessary for success; however, we still need your help.

            Many of the skills that we teach at school need to be reinforced at home in order to become habits. A study done by Ohio State University found that students who are read to aloud will have heard significantly more words that those who were not. Those who were read five books a day will have heard 1.4 million more words! Every little bit helps. It’s never too late to start. The more you can work with your child, the more you foster the desire to become a lifelong learner.

            I am your new principal this year, but I am certainly not new to Haworth. I attended school here from beginning to end. In every sense of the word, I am proud to be a LION. I have been all over the state and am always proud to be an ambassador for Haworth. I sincerely hope that we begin to instill that sense of pride at an early age. We are working together as a district to encourage that. If at any time you’re on social media, feel free to search #beAlion and see what our students are up to. If you take and share any school related photos, I ask that you use that Hashtag so that we may enjoy your photo, too!

Our students can be anything they want to be, but they will always #beAlion

Tony Loucks

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