Cafeteria Menu

                                                             HAWORTH SCHOOL CAFETERIA NEWS                 

ATTENTION High School & Junior High Students

Your cafeteria staff is excited to see you on a daily basis as we continute to implement the State Department guideline changes for your meals. We will continue offering you a wide variety of menus and the OFFER vs SERVE CAFETERIA MENU OPTIONS.


Offer vs. Serve Cafeteria Menu Options Program gives you choices in both the breakfast & lunch line. 

LUNCH: We offer at least 5 choices (some days there will be more) – just remember you have to have 3 & of those 3 a student must have at least ½ cup of fruit or vegetable.  Example of Menu Options:  Chicken Patty, 2 slices wheat bread, ½ cup ranch style beans, ½ cup sliced apples, 8oz Milk.  You may choose any combination of those items as long as you have 3 and at least the fruit or veggie serving.  Remember you can always choose everything.

BREAKFAST:  We have 4 menu options – you only have to choice 3 from those 4.

Your Cafeteria Staff ask that while you are in line PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SERVERS & what is being served so you can let us know quickly your choices.   The quicker you let us know the faster we can get you served, which IN TURN, gives you more time to enjoy your lunch hour. 

Normally there will be an extra cart rolled out with: Mustard, Mayo, Ketchup, etc & some days there will be other food items.  Please serve yourself CONSERVATIVELY (NO WASTING) & DO NOT TAKE THESE ITEMS BEFORE YOU GET YOUR TRAY.   If you abuse this privilege it will be removed & serving will take longer or those extra items will not be offered.

One of the newer additions to the serving line is the SALAD BAR.  Remember the salad bar is a privilege, not a requirement, & will remain only if this privilege is not abused.  Ms. Kerri & Ms. Mickey have a difficult time tolerating wasteful behavior so keep this in mind while you are fixing your salads.

We hope you are having a fantastic school year.


Kerri Clampet, Food Service Director & Mickey Long, Kitchen Manager, Kathy Provence, Shelly Reece, Carol Carrell, and Dolphus Farley

Click on Survey link below (link before the menus) if you did not receive a copy from your teacher and print to take home.

New students: PLEASE TAKE THIS HOME FOR YOUR PARENTS TO REVIEW. Please return to your teachers as soon as possible.


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