Computer Technology

Junior High/High School Computer Classes


The High School Computer Lab has 25 Computers: nine of the computers were purchased in

2010 and are Dell Optiplex 380 Intel Core 2 Dual Processors @ 2.93 GHz, with 321 GB of

RAM;sixteen of the computers were purchased in 2009 and are Equus Computer

SystemNobilis brands with Intel Celeron CPUs @ 200 GHz, and 323 GB of RAM.  We are

hoping to upgrade those as school technology funding allows. These are used

to teach Computer Science I & II & Keyboarding to ninth, tenth, eleventh, & twelth grade

students. We have all of the necessary basics, along with Smart board and ipadto be used towards authentic learning experiences.

Students are interactively working in a curriculum based on using Web 2.0.

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Christina Short if you need information or would like to offer

parental assistance to make our students achievements better than ever.