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Elementary Announcements

MORNING CAR RIDERS: Students may be dropped off in front of elementary or on north side of elementary using the Ag building circle drive, entering only from 8th Street.

Please do not drop off students before 7:40 a.m. as teachers do not begin duty until 7:40.

AFTERNOON CAR RIDERS: The gates in front of the elementary will be closed in the afternoons. Enter the Ag building circle drive from 8th Street located beside Little Dixie building. Duty teachers will walk students to parents. Also, students may be picked up at 2:50 from the gym foyer.

COKE BREAK will be every Friday. Students may purchase a drink, snack, or ice cream - most items are $1.00. Bottled drinks and Powerades are $2.00.

Haworth Elementary has a FACEBOOK page called "Haworth Elementary News". Go to the page and click on "Like"; we will be posting elementary announcements. We encourage you to join our list of Friends!

It is time for BOX TOPS for Education program! Turn in Box Tops before October 25th to help boost the amount of first check we receive in December. Box Tops need to be turned in by November 3, 2014 to be included in the December check. Thank you for your support!!!!


Elementary Faculty
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Allen, Jateena
Kindergarten Teacher

Bishop, Jennifer
Pre-K Teacher

Cook, Judy
First Grade Teacher

John, Carolyn
Fourth Grade Teacher

Leonard, Caccie
Second Grade Teacher

Maye, Lincie
Sixth Grade Teacher

Maye, Michele
Kindergarten Teacher

Melson, Tammy
Fifth Grade Teacher

Pogue, Shirley
Elementary Librarian

Taylor, Amanda
Third Grade Teacher

Williamson, Angela
Elementary Resource Teacher
Philie, Lisa
Elem Art Teacher
Trousdale, Beth
Elementary Music Teacher
Jones, Heather
4th Grade Teacher
Milwee, Carol
5th Grade Teacher

Bean, Joseph
Elementary Basketball Coach, J.H. Boys Basketball CoachH.S. Drama Teacher

Cox, LuJuana
2nd Grade Teacher
Jewel, Deanna
Pre-K Teacher

Colson, Ashley
1st Grade Teacher
Bacon, Stacy
4th Grade Teacher
Pollard, Stacey
Computer Resource Teacher
Burwell, Heather
PTO Parent

Haslam, Cynthia
6th Grade Teacher